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About our Online Store

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Aoyama Showroom

TEL +81-3-3403-7026
FAX +81-3-3475-5060

Okachimachi Showroom

TEL +81-3-5812-0805
FAX +81-3-5812-0806

Osaka Showroom

TEL +81-6-6534-8507
FAX +81-6-6534-8508

Fukuoka Showroom

TEL +81-92-732-0366
FAX +81-92-732-0365

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Privacy Policy

《Privacy Policy》

1.The acquired personal informations have to be clarify its purpose of use, and has to be minimum amount with necessity. We use your personal information only for those purposes which we have specified or noticed you in advance.

2.We will not disclose your personal information to the third parties without your permission.

3.We have custodian for each clients to control the personal information safely. Even if we commit someone to process the information, we will control it to be managed appropriately.

4.If we receive the requirement of disclose or revise of personal information, we will respond to it based on the rules and regulations. Please note that we will ask you for some documents and ID for such procedures, and also you might be charged fees for those process.

5.We will review and improve our rules for personal information protection continuously.

*When it is necessary to disclose the information based on the rules and regulations, we shall not apply the privacy policy above.

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