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About our Online Store

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Privacy Policy
Basic Idea
Hokuo Sangyo Ltd, (hereafter referred to as "We"), we take necessary initiative for protecting your personal information and manage it appropriately.
1. Purpose of Use and Acquisition of Personal Information
We use and acquire your personal information only for following purpose.
When you inquire us for our business.
For employment and human resource management
For employment selection for job applicants
Disclosure of Personal Information for Third Parties.
We disclose your personal information to a third party only when the information is needed for them based on the rules and regulation reasons.
Your Personal Information disclosure, modification, delete, or suspension of provision and utilization.
Once we receive the request to disclose, modify, delete, or suspend providing and utilizing your personal information from you, we will accept it without any delay.
For managing your personal information appropriately, we review and improve our rules for personal information protection.
If you have any questions about our personal information management, please contact us at "Contact us".
Contact us
Hokuo Sangyo Ltd., Inquiry Counter for Personal Information.

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